Oct 2020
Ezgi Paket and Kadir Ozlem Present Their Work at SIU 2020

Paper: ECG Monitoring System Using Textile Electrodes
CardioVascular Diseases (CVDs) have a significant share over all medical problems. From this point of view, many studies have been conducted on heart diseases and different heartbeat monitoring systems have been developed. Although Electro-CardioGraphy (ECG) is the most widely used technique among other monitoring systems, ECG measurement with conventional electrodes have also many disadvantages that can be overcome if replaced with textile electrodes. This study involves creation of textile based ECG electrodes, related circuitry designs, signal processing, implementations of peak detection and heart rate calculation algorithms and finally, a real time ECG monitoring application. Moreover, Beat Per Minute (BPM) calculation and comparison of these values with existing ECG devices have been investigated.